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About Dr Morgan

Dr Morgan received his Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and completed fellowship training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in the field of allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology.

Prior to that, he graduated from high school in Richardson and completed undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Once in a blue moon, allergists are asked to consult on patients in a hospital. Current staff privileges are at Medical City McKinney and Baylor McKinney, as well as Parkland Hospital in Dallas, mainly for teaching responsibilities at the Parkland Asthma Clinic. On occasion students at various stages in the medical education process might rotate through the office.

Dr Morgan has published articles or chapters in major journals and texts, as well as given presentations on various topics.

Publication Topics

  • Asthma Epidemiology
  • Antihistamine Therapy
  • Advanced Treatments for Hives Resistant to Standard Medicines
  • Nasal Inflammation Not Caused by Allergies
  • Drug Allergy
  • Skin Allergy (Contact Dermatitis)
  • Animal Dander Desensitization

Journals in which these publications have appeared include the major allergy journals as well as journals in other fields.



Personal Interests

Professional credentials are important, but read on to know what else Dr Morgan likes besides taking care of allergic disorders.

Visiting Unfamiliar Places

We are lucky to live near DFW airport, which is well connected domestically and punches above its weight for international flights as well. A short getaway a few times a year has been a habit for much of Dr Morgan’s life.

Many such trips have been adventures to places that others might consider off the beaten track. Choosing where to visit include (1) somewhere not previously visited, (2) where American visitors are not unwelcome, and (3) where it’s a decent value economically (such as the exchange rate being advantageous at that time).

Faves are Asia (which has an unfair advantage, since it’s the largest and most populous continent) and the Southern Hemisphere. The office is decorated with inexpensive but colorful curios brought back from every type of place. Art from anywhere in the world is special and interesting and deserves to be seen and appreciated. Descriptions are in the gallery.

By request, here is just a small sample of some pictures from various places.

Period Keyboard (and Other) Instruments

Is it accurate to describe Dr Morgan as playing the piano and enjoying classical music? Well, that is not exactly true.

More accurately… earlier keyboard instruments like what composers from 2 centuries ago would have played. Much of the music played today on the piano was actually written for other keyboard instruments, including the harpsichord and fortepiano. Dr Morgan (who is not a virtuoso!) has never exactly loved the modern piano but could fairly claim to love these older styles of instruments.

Playing Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert on the fortepiano and Baroque works on the harpsichord has a special way of bringing to life the art of a bygone age like no other experience. The instrument is an analog time machine.

Yet some modern music is also enjoyed regularly: Mahler, Tavener (not Taverner, although his Renaissance era works are fine in small bites), and Pärt. Better soundtracks are today’s version of classical-style music and quite meritworthy, too.

How about some pictures of instruments personally owned and others played?

Digital Life

By digital life, Dr Morgan doesn’t mean social media (not particularly an enthusiast). The proper place of the digital existence is to increase productivity so that we may spend more time in the real world, not zapping productivity so that we spend less time in the real world!

As an example… how about Photoshop, both for fun and for everyday practical applications? Dr Morgan has been using Adobe Photoshop since version 2 back in the early 1990s. In fact he is not necessarily a dominantly visual person: exotic smells and tastes (see below) and sounds (see above) are great, too. But we do live in a mostly visual world, and it is a wonder to be able to alter visual reality. Mainly Photoshop is needed to touch up photos (to make up for indifferent photography skill) and, of course, putting this website together.

And Photoshop can hardly be mentioned without Mac computers. Dr Morgan has used all kinds of Apple computers since 1983.

Productivity + Getting work done without fuss = It must be on a Mac!

No evening is complete without reading the next morning’s opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal. I regard this as the finest quality and most trustworthy source of broad news (not just financial) around.

Armchair Financier

And speaking of computer productivity, Dr Morgan uses mainly Matlab (a programming language mainly for technical/engineering applications) to manage his personal finances. This is trading securities according to an algorithm, which the computer executes according to precise rules. Dr Morgan is not interested in “day trading” while seeing patients during office hours, after all! This style of investing is very much what he likes most: design a rules-based idea and let the computer automate the details. In that sense, it’s not so different from putting into motion a multi-year desensitization strategy to treat allergies to pollens or peanut.

When time permits, reading the next morning’s opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal is often thought provoking. Not just strictly financial, this is (most days) a nice dose of the way news should be done.

Tropical Fruits

North Texas is not quite close enough to a tropical climate to support truly tropical fruits. Many are truly exotic and not available in local markets (or at least not in great edible condition). Some temperate fruits, it must be admitted, can also be quite nice, such as purple heirloom tomatos, alpine strawberries, and satsumas. Pictured below are some faves.

(Not) Driving

Dr Morgan is not really fond of driving cars in general, but out of necessity a compromise is to drive an electric car. These are perfect for the short distances he drives 99% of the time. The instant torque, the quiet, and the ability to charge at home overnight using a regular 3-prong socket are great features. He has driven mainly the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 (both pictured below).

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf
BMW i3
BMW i3

Thank you for visiting!